G’day! Our first full day of camp was a blast!

We started out the morning making our beds and cleaning up around our cabins with a bit of Pit and Palace and headed to flag. After we raised the flag, we had Focus, a camp-wide time to get in God’s word, and breakfast. Then we headed out into the morning for activity classes! Activity classes range from shredding the waves at our Wake Park to swinging around the barn at the Ricochet to hanging out in our game room, and they’re all a whole lot of fun.


We returned to the Boomerang for lunch and got to have one of our favorite meals, pizza pockets (our Program Director likes to call them Italian Burritos)! After celebrating the Spirit Stick and Golden Dunny winners and meeting our skit characters, we got to hang out with a special guest who came to Outback, but you’ll have to check back tomorrow to see more about that! When we were done with that, we headed back to the cabins for our first Bible study with this summer’s theme, Seek. We’ll be spending the week talking about seeking God, but today we started by recognizing that we are able to seek Him because He sought us first.

Camp doesn’t slow down in the evening- after our last activity and free time, we had our Surreal Cereal Showdown!! Campers were on a mission to get their team’s cereal pieces into a giant cereal bowl in the middle of the field. To do that they had to get past other teams and a crowd of angry HEB customers armed with pool noodles! It was an awesome thing to behold as counselors and campers worked together yelling and running around together as the sun set over the Boomerang.

After theme night we had snack and Club, and tomorrow we’ll start all over. We’re already having a great week, and it’s only Monday! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the week!