Yesterday, your campers were surprised with a field trip away from camp! They were gathered up in the morning thinking it would just be a normal day of camp, but we had far better plans for them!


The first stop of the day was going to cool off at SplashWay, an awesome nearby waterpark, where they got to enjoy a massive wave pool and all kinds of rides! We had some great times chillin’ out in the sun and hangin’ out in the lazy river in between rides. After having fun in the sun and spending the whole day at the waterpark, we headed back to camp for a bit.


Upon returning to Outback and eating dinner with the rest of camp, our Cultivaters left once again to go hang out at Latte on the Square, Columbus’ very own local coffee shopThe Cultivate crew had their choice of drink and the entire place to themselves where they had time for fellowship and an acoustic worship set…while sipping on some coffee, of course!


Who could go to bed after drinking coffee, though? Definitely not us! Instead of heading back to camp, for the rest of the night the Cultivaters went to hang out at a local church’s youth house to play tons of board games and hang out after such a big day.


Pray with us:

  1. That your campers get enough rest after such a big day yesterday (and having such a big week, last week)- not just physical rest but spiritual rest in the community that Christ can offer!
  2. That your campers are opening up their hearts to God and allowing him to breakdown their walls.
  3. Also, please pray for our staff that are constantly praying, teaching, and working with your children.