Hey parents,

It’s a wonderful Wednesday here at the Towers and your kiddos are having a BLAST! In today’s Bible study, we are focusing on obedience. No biggie, right? Obedience is easy: Just listen to and follow instruction. Simple… Man, I wish that were true. Disobedience is one of our longest standing traditions as humans. Whether it be Adam and Eve, Jonah, or King Saul, there are numerous examples of disobedience found in the Bible. But instead of lamenting on our failures and sinful tendencies, I want to encourage us to fix our eyes on truth and righteousness that comes only from the Lord.

Obviously, the greatest example we could ever give of obedience is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Philippians 2:8 says that he was “obedient to death – even death on a cross!”. Through pain, shame, and crucifixion, Jesus remained faithfully faithfully followed the exact will of God. That’s our explanation of “obedience” this week: Following the exact will of God.

Obedience is following the exact will of God.

Another great example of obedience, and the one we are focusing on in today’s study is that of the Sacrifice of Isaac found in Genesis 22. Even if you’ve heard this story a hundred times, it is still incredibly moving and convicting, especially to those of you who have children of your own. When God called upon Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, there was amazingly no push-back. Abraham, who has questioned God multiple times in the past met this command with quick and total obedience.
Abraham followed the exact will of God up until the moment God called him off. Abraham raised his hand with the clear and determined intent of slaying his only son, and the only thing that could have ever stopped him was God Himself. What rich mercy God has on us that we get to read and learn from this account. My prayer is that God will use this study to beckon our hearts to follow Him, regardless of fear, anxiety, pain, and even death.
Please pray for your kiddos as they dive into God’s Word today and for the rest of this week, and we encourage you to ask questions about what they learned! Have a great day, and we’ll see you soon!
-Brozone, Castle Rock Director