It has been such a good day here at the Outback, and we are stoked to announce the opening of our brand new activity class: the WATER ROPES! Today, the new ropes course had its first campers flying through the challenge of weaving in and out of different obstacles.

Before each activity class, campers engage in a devo lead by the activity instructors in an effort to point everything back to Christ. Water Ropes is a challenging activity, pushing campers to step out of their comfort zone in faith.  Before the activity begins, campers are presented with the story of Jesus walking on water.  When Peter, one of the twelve apostles, was summoned out onto the water with Jesus, his faith carried him initially. However, as Peter began to let fear creep into his heart, he started to sink and had to ask Jesus to save him.


Just like Peter, we are sometimes afraid, but where do we put our faith? Relying on our own strength will never keep us afloat in the waves of life. Without faith in God we have nothing to stand on. Campers are being challenged daily to put their faith in Him through activity classes, such as Water Ropes, Bible studies, Club talks, and intentional conversations with counselors and friends.

Please pray with us.

  1. Pray that campers would see and experience the life and joy only found in Christ Jesus.
  2. Pray for the continued safety of staff and campers.
  3. Pray that Christ would be seen in all of our words and actions.