Hello Silverado Parents! Our first day of camp has been an absolute blast! Theme night was crazy fun last night and activity classes today have been going super well. One of our favorite parts of camp though is all the cheers we get to do. One of those cheers is cabin cheers for the Spirit Stick!

Each morning, each cabin comes up with a cheer that yell and shout all throughout the day. The cabin who cheers the most and is the loudest throughout the morning gets awarded the Spirit Stick at lunch time. Today, the ladies of Bluebonnet 3 & 4 won the Spirit Stick with Monster Mash Monday!tia-1407097671

We also have responsive cheers that are done if a certain phrase is said. For example, if someone says the word “Alright” while on stage, everyone else yells back, “I’m alright, don’t you worry about me! Oh!” Or, if someone was to say a number in a sentence like, “Get into ONE line!”, everyone would yell back “ONE! Let’s count ’em! Oosh Oosh Ah, Boogely Boogely Ah Oh Ah Oh Ah Oh!”

We do cheers here at camp because we want campers to really internalize that camp is a special place where they can have fun and have the freedom to be themselves! Our hope is that as they realize that camp is special, they begin to see God in all the things that happen here and that they can dive deeper into relationship with Him!