G’day from Outback! We are so excited to begin week NINE!     This week we are going to learn more through studying God’s Word, about how we are known by God and how we can make Him known to others.

This week counselors will be leading campers in a study of the conversion of the apostle Paul. They will learn how Saul was a Christian martyr before God called him by His grace and transformed his life, giving him a new name. Campers will learn about God’s deep love for them despite their sin and how God desires to make Himself known to them and then through them to others.

This summer Pine Cove is celebrating 50 years of ministry, so tonight, we had a 50’s theme birthday bash!  What’s a birthday party without a cake, right? First things first though, campers needed to gather all the ingredients spread across the sports field. The first cabins to collect all the ingredients were declared the champion. They needed milk, flour, eggs and butter to win. Seems pretty easy! However, counselors were scattered around with pool noodles trying to tag them out of the game. Once a camper was tagged, they were sent out until they were given a free break back in to the game. We love theme nights and how God uses silly games to deepen our friendships and we are thankful for how He has enabled fifty years of serious FUN at Pine Cove.