G’day! And what a beautiful day it was. This morning after campers cleaned up around their cabins and went to flag, they had some time of FOCUS, where they got in the Word and set their minds on the Lord to start the day. Then after a delicious pancake breakfast, we headed out to activity classes! Today your campers may have been shooting for the stars (the Shooting Stars activity class is either skeet shootin or Pine Cove dancing!), swinging on the Barn Swing, or zipping on the Zipline!


After lunch we enjoyed some good ole fashioned Bible Study and a nice, relaxing F.O.B. or Flat on Back time to cut out the heat of the day. With renewed energy, the entire camp was pumped for some free time where campers could choose to hang out at the pool, get some snacks at the camp store, or even sing some karaoke in our game room!


For our theme night “Surreal Cereal Showdown,” campers dressed up as their favorite cereal characters for a massive field game. Their goal was to get as many of their team’s “cereal pieces” to a giant cereal bowl in the middle of the field. The only problem was that the bowl was being guarded by angry HEB customers with pool noodles! What ensued was hilarious and sure to bring forth great stories.

Following the game was our Club session where campers got to hear a message that delved a little deeper into what they talked about in Bible Study, seeking foundation in Christ. After the message, campers had time to reflect and spend time discussing the topic as a cabin.

Please pray with us.

  1. Pray that the Lord would break down barriers to His good news going forth.
  2. Pray for relationships between campers and for strong friendships to form this week.
  3. Pray for continued safety throughout the week!