What a beautiful day it has been at the Outback! Campers awoke to a beautiful time of FOCUS, where they dwelled in the Word and set their minds on the Lord to start the day. And what better way to start the day than with pancakes followed by activity classes! Today your campers may have been shooting for the stars, swinging on the barn swing, or zipping on the zip-line (plus so many more exciting activities)!

After lunch we enjoyed some good ole fashioned bible study and a nice relaxing nap to cut out the heat of the day. With our renewed energy, the entire camp was pumped for some free time where campers could choose to hang out at the pool, get some snacks at the camp store, or even sing some karaoke in our game room!15OB01-02-137

For our theme night “Surreal Cereal Showdown,” campers dressed up as their favorite cereal characters for a massive field game. Following the game was our club session where campers listened to a message from one of our staff members. After the message, campers had time to reflect and spend time with the Lord.

We would like to ask everyone to continue to pray for the relationships built at camp with your camper’s cabin-mates, counselor, and most importantly, Our God.