The Unstoppable Message

After Paul’s conversion to follow Jesus, he takes a lot of trips on a mission to build up the church. Some people respond by forming a mob, setting the city “in an uproar.” Others responded by eagerly searching the Scriptures and believed the message! With some, Paul spent many days reasoning with skeptics and idolaters. Needless to say, Paul and Silas, among others, face many obstacles as they travel and spread the message of Jesus. Some even risk their lives to help Paul continue sharing Jesus’ message. Throughout Acts, more and more obstacles abound, however the circumstances Paul encounters never cause him to waver in delivering the message that was entrusted to him. 

How do the circumstances we find ourselves in effect our willingness to follow Jesus with all of our hearts? Does fear of people cause us to live lives where we mostly mind our own business? By following Jesus in the small things, He will help us have courage to carry out his unstoppable message in the big things!

Passage: Acts 17:1-17