The unstoppable invitation of the gospel. 

This week’s study at Camp in the City is all about God’s unstoppable purpose! We see this in Acts as the church lived out the Gospel of Jesus with the Holy Spirit’s help. In today’s study, we saw how unstoppable the invitation to believe and live out the Gospel is! On the day of Pentecost, the promised Holy Spirit came to help Jesus’ followers after His ascension. The apostle Peter spoke a powerful message to people from different places. Even the barriers of their different languages were removed so that all could hear, so they might turn away from sin and toward Jesus. At the end of Acts 2, we got a glimpse of the early church. These early Christians did not just listen to Jesus and agree with him, but they followed him with their whole hearts. 

Today, we saw how the invitation to repent from sin and believe in Jesus is available to all, and that this invitation is a call to follow, not just pay lip service. Jesus wants our whole hearts! 

Passage: Acts 2:14-47