It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

What’s better than celebrating Christmas at the end of every year? Here at Pine Cove, we love Christmas time so much that the answer seems pretty obvious… we celebrate Christmas in the middle of the year, too!

So, you know what that means… CHRISTMAS IN JULY!


Celebrating Christmas two times a year seems pretty reasonable to us holiday-fanatics here at Pine Cove. I mean, we would make Christmas every month if we could! Our staff has been preparing for this magical week all summer. The Ponderosa is decked out in paper snowflakes, string lights, garland, and complete with a fully-lit and ornament-filled Christmas tree. Counselors are sporting their favorite Christmas vests and full of holiday cheer for this special time of the summer.

Our very own Santa Claus, Jiggs Robert Gaffney, has been counting down the days til Christmas in July ever since staff orientation. Jiggs showed up to Christmas morning breakfast fully dressed in his Santa suit, with the biggest smile you could ever imagine! On the other hand, this week the Ranch camp was introduced to a skit character who definitely does not share the love for the holiday that Jiggs has. His name is Rudolphus, and he is a reindeer full of rebellion towards Santa and his plan to celebrate Christmas twice a year. He argued that celebrating the holiday twice a year makes it less special, and he’s tired of Santa working him so hard. His plan? Take over the Ranch camp, steal all the decorations, and cancel Christmas in July!





The Ranch camp is still filled with Christmas spirit regardless of Rudolphus and his plan to ruin the holiday – we even had red and green mashed potatoes at Christmas dinner!

Will Rudolphus’ plans to cancel Christmas work? Or will the spirit of the Ranch camp overcome and save the holiday? We’ll just have to wait out this week and find out! As for now, in the words of Jiggs Robert Gaffney,

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas in July everybody!