Tonight, after a full morning of activities and fun, the boys and girls split up for our Medieval Mates and Maidens theme night. Camp was transformed into a medieval land, and while the mates were up in arms trying to defeat the King of the Cardboard Castle, the sheilas enjoyed dancing and singing and making bracelets.

How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity.
Psalm 133:1

There are many gifts that God has given us in this world; there are noticeable essences of his grace seen in many things. One of these things is fellowship, the gathering of like minded people for the glory of God. At camp we get to have a whole lot of that! We love to see community form within cabins as campers unite for common goals and are real with each other, and tonight’s theme night gave them a chance to do both of those things!

In Bible study this afternoon, campers discussed Colossians 3:5, which talks about putting to death your sin, and tonight we talked about living in the light. After Club, everyone got an opportunity to bring their sin into the light and release it. The mates wrote their sins on pieces of paper and nailed them to a cross, and the sheilas wrote theirs on paper lanterns which we released into the night sky.

It was amazing to watch burdens be lifted from campers as they let go of their sins and trusted the Lord.


Please Pray with Us:

1. Pray that campers would take this opportunity and be vulnerable with one another, confessing their sins.

2. Pray that everyone would be safe tonight as both halves of camp are using fire whether it be to light a lantern or to have Club over at Fireside.

3. Pray that our campers would be driven to memorize scripture so that it may take root in their lives.