Week 2 is in full swing here at Silverado and the staff is so excited to get to know our second set of campers! One of our favorite parts of the day is meal time! Here at camp we not only fill your kiddos up with awesome food, but we like to make meal time fun and memorable.

Upon entering our dining hall, the Wagon Wheel, campers are greeted with a gauntlet of staff giving elbow high fives (to prevent the spread of hand germies). When the campers approach their table, we encourage them to stand up on their chairs and show us their best dance moves. When the music ends, our program staff enters the stage and begin to excite the campers and staff with the designated meal time cheers. However, before we can start eating, the campers and staff must prepare for the meal with the Germ-X cheer and a pre-meal prayer. This silly time gives the campers an opportunity to stand back up on their chairs and nominate their counselor to pray. Once the prayer has been said, we are finally ready to eat!


At the end of the meal, a roaring sound heard from the kitchen signals that it’s time for clean up! Once we have finished clean up, our program staff do a fun skit and introduce the next activity for the day!

We have action packed days for your kiddos to ensure that they have the best time possible and learn the truth of the Gospel. Meal times refuel our campers to help us accomplish the mission of Pine Cove across all camps: to be Christ-centered, others-focused, and SERIOUSLY FUN!!