This week of camp has been so incredibly joyful! There’ve been so many great memories that have been formed from all the different parts of camp. One of our favorite parts of camp is lunchtime!

We have tons of special things that go down during the mid-day meal! Right before lunch begins, we announce the winners of the spirit stick and they perform their cheer for us. After the meal though, there are quite a few things that we do. We also announce who wins the golden plunger for having the cleanest cabin during pit n’ palace in the morning. If any campers have birthdays that day, we give them an awesome birthday celebration by doing our Pine Cove birthday rap!

Finally, we have an awesome skit that carries on through the week that’s put on by our leadership team! The team comes up with crazy characters and put on some silly costume; the kids have so much fun watching it!

We love making normal things special at camp because we want our campers to really have the best experience they can at camp. We want them to experience the joy that camp has to offer and that pure joy is only obtainable with a life in Christ!