We are excited to share with your kids a true, Biblical definition of love this week. As young people growing up in a broken world, we see the necessity of teaching the foundational truth of love, since the world has taken the word love and relegated it to a warm feeling that is based on happiness, comfort, or even physical attraction. The definition we landed on for love is a strong affection that leads to action.

Love is a strong affection that leads to action.

In our Bible study this week, your kids will study the example of love found in 1 Samuel 18-22, where a strong, brotherly love develops between Jonathan, King Saul’s son, and David. In the midst of adversity and danger, Jonathan’s love for David propelled him to action. Jonathan’s love for David is seen as he warns David of King Saul’s plan to kill him, as well as his submission to God’s plan of David becoming the next King of Israel.

Today’s memory verse also illustrates truth about love from 1 Corinthians 13:7, which says “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” This further shows us that strong affection leads to action – seen here as protection, belief, hope and endurance.

An example of true love from my own life is when my wife gets sick. If my wife is sick and has to go to the hospital, a nurse administers the care she needs to get well. The care the nurse gives, that action, isn’t propelled by deep affection for my wife, rather it is because it is the nurse’s job to care for patients. In this situation, we see action doesn’t necessarily need the strong affection in order to take place.

But when my wife is sick and I can help, you better believe I do anything in my power to help her get well – making her soup, giving her medication, helping to keep her comfortable or encouraging her to visit the doctor – and that action of helping my wife is brought about by a strong affection that I have for her. While an action doesn’t need a strong affection to happen, a strong affection always leads to action. If I told my wife that I love her, but then refuse to show her any sort of care or help when she gets sick, do you think it would be easy for her to believe I love her? Absolutely not!

I am sure there is a multitude of things from your own life that can illustrate love to your kids. In the same way you love your kids, you can parallel it to the love God has for His children. He knows us, keeps us safe, cares for our needs and gave us the greatest example of strong affection when he sent his only son Jesus to earth to save us from sin and eternal separation from Him. Talk about an amazing affection that led to life-changing action!

I hope you will take time to ask your kids what they learned about love today. Help remind them of the ways they are loved and how they show love to others. Ultimately I hope you will remind them of the love you have for them and the great love that God has so graciously given to all of us in Jesus Christ.

-Mish, Castle Rock Director