The world famous Circus de Olé came to the Timbers last night!! And it came with a twist! All of the carnival animal costumes and circus attire had an extra Hispanic flair added!

After a delicious meal including tortillas and churros, the campers were ready to enjoy the carnival set up all around camp. Station games strewn all around the Timbers allowed the cabins to go on their own adventure and create their own fun!


Different amounts of points were granted for completing certain activities. Toss the Sombero—5 Points! Catch the Lion—10 Points! Pie someone in the face or be pied in the face—2 Points! And don’t forget the complimentary cotton candy, popcorn, and sno cones.


Campers also got the once in a lifetime opportunity to dunk their very own counselors. The Circus de Olé has now packed up and headed on to its next location, but the echoes of fun experienced last night still resound throughout camp today!


From an evening at the circus filled with facepainting, food, and friendship to a night of fellowship and worship learning about the God who has allowed us to have fun and sent his Son to save us from our sins, the Timbers had an unforgettable time! OLÉ!!!