Hello Parents!

Wow, we are already halfway through the week! After a fun day of horse back riding, zip lining, archery and more, we’ll have the Pine Cove Playoffs- Game on!

In Bible study today, we continued learning about Moses’ story. Moses didn’t feel good enough for God’s calling to save the Hebrews from the Egyptians. He came up with many excuses but God kept chasing after him. It would be a hard, scary journey, but God told Moses

I will be with you. -Exodus 3:12

How comforting it is know that an All-Powerful and All-Loving God will be with us always!

Moses had a lot of excuses for God, but His plan is always greater. During times of trial and times of joy in our lives, He is in control!

Please continue to pray for each camper at the Rado this week as they continue to learn about God’s abundant love towards us!