Here at Pine Cove Silverado, we pride ourselves on being seriously fun! So even when we looked outside this morning and saw tons of storm clouds, we decided that we weren’t going to let some rain stop us from having fun!

It started raining this morning when our campers would normally be going to activity classes, so what did we do instead? We transformed every room from a normal cabin into incredible cabin forts! Campers and their counselors got their mattresses, blankets, and trunks, and completely re-did their rooms into super cool forts. Each cabin was visited by a few crazy characters, who went to see which cabin had the best fort across all of camp. They also got to hang out on their porches and drink some hot chocolate!


The campers all went to lunch and as soon as they finished, the sun was shining and the rain was gone! Activity classes were finally able to start, and campers were able to start going down the zip-line, riding horses, and playing dodgeball! What an awesome first full day of camp!

Please pray for:

  • The weather! We were very blessed to have the sun come out this afternoon, so campers were able to experience camp to the fullest! Even though the forecast shows a lot of rain, we would love prayer for as little rain as possible so we can have a fun week of camp!
  • Adaptability! Along with the weather, we would love prayer for our staff to be able to adapt well if/when our program changes! This way, camp can be as enjoyable as possible!