Yesterday, campers and staff here at the Timbers took America’s Independence Day to a whole new level. Waking up with a patriotic spirit, we started our day with an all American parade before breakfast. With counselors and campers lining the sides of the road, our program staff cruised through the camp decked out in all things red, white and blue. Candy was thrown and confetti was in the air to get the celebration started.

Freedom continued to ring into lunch time when all of the camp sang classic American anthems including, “Happy Birthday” to Uncle Sam.


Finishing the Fourth of July off with a BANG, all of Timber’s made a special trip to the Shores to engage in the most fantastic firework show in the history of firework shows! All of the campers and staff were able to lay back by the shore of Lake Palestine and watch the beautiful explosions in the sky.

These fireworks were not your average 4th of July fireworks—these were Pine Cove fireworks. Thousands of different colors bursted into the night sky and lit up every camper’s face. The finale was simply incredible. It’s safe to say Uncle Sam would not be disappointed in our celebration of America’s day!!