Hey y’all!

We have had a ton of fun here at the Timbers and it’s only day two! We were blessed to welcome so many campers during opening day yesterday. Each camper and their family got to drive through our gauntlet of staff members who were jumping with joy at the fact that your kids were arriving for the best week of their year! All of our staff here really enjoy the gauntlet and the opportunity we have to see the smiling faces as the campers and their families enter camp.

After the campers got settled into their cabins and met their counselors for the week, it was time for “Holiday Showdown” where everyone got to dress as one of their favorite holidays! We all enjoyed hamburgers with our cabins; everyone got to bond and grow closer with one another. From the Easter bunny to St. Patrick’s Day leprechauns, we had a fun night playing games and getting to know each other. One of the games we played was a team building game between each cabin. In this game, each team had to do the challenges given to them in Easter eggs and complete them before the other cabins.


Later, we enjoyed club where we had the opportunity to worship Jesus and learn what it means to follow God.

In club, we focused on Matthew 16:24:

Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.’

What an awesome way to start the week! We can’t wait to see how the campers continue to learn what it means to take up their cross and actively follow Jesus every day.

When club ended, we had popsicles and the campers were surprised with fireworks! The campers then headed off to bed to rest up for the week ahead.


This morning, we woke up rested and ready for a new day of camp! From boating to sand sports, we had an exciting day playing outside. After enjoying lunch, we were proud to announce that Chickasaw 3 won spirit stick. This means that they were fun-filled and cheerful all morning, starting at the raising of the flag. We also gave out the Militant Mop to the cleanest cabin this morning. That award went to Chamizal 4! The campers enjoyed the rest of the day at an activity class of their choice and then in some free time with their friends.

Our theme night tonight was “Galactic Geriatric.” From aliens to grandpas, these campers had a chance to save the elders from the Galactic Nursing Home. After the games, we had another night in club, singing to Jesus and learning about the Gospel. In the club talk, we explored what the Bible says about temptation, how God is good through all trials, and how He always gives us a way out.

It’s been an exciting, fun and Jesus-filled first two days of Week 3 here at the Timbers. We can’t wait for what God has planned for the rest of the week!