Horse “Tales” with Dr. Nog

Jun 29, 2015 | Camp:

Howdy, Towers Families!

Week 5 is off to a great start and we are almost to the end of our first full day here!

Tonight, we are pumped to keep up a Towers tradition – PITCH BLACK ATTACK. The posse will take over camp again and it is up to the kids to win it back! Cabins will defeat the posse by coming up with crazy stories to distract them from taking over camp. After all, CAMPERS…ALWAYS…WIN!!!!

There is definitely a lot of fun things going on here at the Towers, but we wanted to share one side of camp that most people don’t know a lot about – and that is about our horses and wranglers! And here is a word from our senior wrangler:

My name is Parker “Dr. Nog” Threadgill, and I am the senior wrangler here at the Towers this summer. Horses is one of the most popular activity classes, but often not many campers or even staff understand what all goes on at the barn. I’m here to help clear that up!

Let’s start in the morning (after all, that seems most logical)! Towers’ Wranglers show up at the barn by 5 AM every morning. Who knew Tyler, TX had such a beautiful, starry sky?! A lot of work goes on before campers even wake up. We have to bring all of the horses in, feed them, brush them and saddle them. With 43 horses, this can be a lot of work, but our thirteen wranglers are able to knock it all out before breakfast. To top it all off, we get to have Bible study every morning as a barn family! Here are some of our wranglers who rode in the Bluffs family camp rodeo.


After breakfast, we start teaching activity classes. Now, activity classes in the barn are pretty unique because instead of teaching five activity classes a day like the rest of camp, we teach six. Every day, six lucky cabins get to skip F.O.B., a nap time after lunch, to come ride! This is great because six cabins coming six times a day means every one of our campers gets to ride a horse every day.

During activity classes, we get to do loads of different things. We learn to joust as knights and care for horses as wranglers. We get to trot and help train our horses. We get to traverse the crafty obstacle course known as trail class and explore our imaginations while pretending to travel to far off lands during arena. And every camper is just waiting on the edge of their saddle to go on one of our coveted trail rides (don’t worry, they all do).

After the barn is all cleaned up – well, as much as you can clean an all dirt floor – the wranglers get to join the rest of camp for dinner, theme night and snack, before hitting the hay (get it?) as the rest of camp parties on.

Thanks for letting me share my day with you, but I gotta hit the trail!

-Dr. Nog, Senior Wrangler 2015

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