Week 4 is off to a grand start with our theme night “Cops and Blobbers”! For tonight, camp divided up into two teams for a scavenger hunt. Throughout camp hidden gold tokens were awaiting to be found and either robbed or protected. A cop would try to catch the robbing blobbers and see if they had taken any of the loot and bring them to the judge to gain points. However, if a blobber could find a gold token and bring it to the collector without getting caught in the act, the team would win a large sum of points! After the camp-wide game we got to experience a cookout and pool party where all the water activities and pool were open while we rocked out to some sweet tunes!


We are so excited to spend this next week (or two for you Cultivaters out there!) with your campers. They will get to experience many more awesome theme nights, bible studies, skits, activity classes, and so much more!

Pray with Us

  1. That your campers see the “Hidden Gold” that can be found in Christ. Let no robbers cloud their thoughts and judgements. Let them see the truth of the Word this week.
  2. Safety at camp is a huge deal! We want our campers and staff to be able to enjoy this week to the fullest. Ask God that he graces our camp and activities within it.