Ain’t no party like a Pine Cove Party, cause the Pine Cove party don’t stop!

Things have been go, go, go thus far at Silverado. Since we never seem to stop moving at camp, you would think it would be hard to keep our spirits up in all we do during the jam-packed day. We get tired so easily and a lot of times it’s like we just cannot keep going!

Well, there is good news. It’s the Greatest News of all, actually! And this week in our activity classes we’ve been having devotional and prayer times with our co-cabins. An amazing reminder, and this Good News, is that through everything “we can put our hope in the Lord. We can run and not grow weary. We can walk and not grow faint.” We want to remember this when we are zip-lining over the Watering Hole. When we are playing knockout and war ball in Court Sports. When we are jumping off of the diving board and getting loads of Vitamin D at the Oasis. Or doing bunny hops at Scooter Sports, plus many, many more!

Here at Pine Cove Silverado, we want our campers to stay busy. This way we can not only take their attention off of missing wonderful Momma and Daddy, but also to break down barriers for God to do His work in each and every one of us. Whenever life pushes us to our knees, we are in the perfect position to pray.

A lot of times (ok… most of the time) we wish we could pause the day and take a nice, long nap, right? Fortunately for us, we are of a weak people, and His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

Holy Spirit, help us to look to You when we just cannot seem to go on. Help us to lay our heavy burdens and tired selves at Your feet. To surrender completely to our weaknesses, even rave about them, so that You may BE our Strength.