One of Pine Cove’s biggest mottos is to be Christ-centered, others-focused and seriously fun! We take all of those things to heart, and project it into every day at camp. One of the ways that we do that is by engaging in hang times between campers and counselors. We take these times to be intentional and share Christ’s love with campers.


Hang times happen during free time which creates a relaxed environment of being able to talk about life. It’s a time which enables counselors to know their campers better, and be able to talk about the truth of the Gospel. It is a safe place for campers to be able to open up about things they might be struggling with knowing that their counselor is there to encourage, guide and listen to them.

Hang times are one of counselors favorite times with their campers! They get to know them past the surface level. More importantly it is a time to be able to talk about the power of the Gospel and all the Christ has done for us.

Be sure and ask your camper about their hang time when you pick them up from camp!