A fan favorite activity class at the Timbers is boat sports! Campers love going to the boat dock where they can ride on banana boats, go tubing, or chill on the pontoon boat. When the campers aren’t on the boats, they can hang out and chat on the picnic tables or play Newcomb, which is a game similar to volleyball.

The boaties are loved camp wide! They even have their own cheer! “Hail to the boat driver, boat driver, boat driver. Hail to the boat driver, boat driver men! They tube us and ski us all while they love Jesus! Hail to the boat driver, boat driver men!”

If you have ever been to camp, you know how cool the boat drivers are. They make the boat dock an inviting place to hang out and be yourself. When they are at camp, they love to dive in and sit with cabins at lunch, go crazy during dance parties, and join in on cabin Bible studies.

Head boat driver, Logan “Dooey” McClure, says, “As a boat driver, you grow really close to the rest of the boaties and program staff, which gives us an opportunity to dive into people’s lives and get poured into. We have a very behind the scenes job, which opens the door to learn a lot about humility and serving sacrificially. Our job is to break down walls with campers so that they feel comfortable enough to open up to their counselors, us, or other staff so the Gospel can be shared.”