It’s been a great Thursday here at camp and an amazing summer overall! Part of what makes our summers so awesome is our staff here. Some of those staff members are our Senior Counselors and their job is to help serve the counselors. Here’s a story from one of them about how great camp is!

“Some of the best and hardest work God calls us to do is to love other people. This is how I feel about my job as a senior counselor. Campers come into camp heavy with things that are going on at home and sometimes that gets in the way of them having the best week possible. We get to come along side these kids to understand them and to love them unconditionally as God loves us. That is a big task, but when we take the time to get to know campers, during hang times, we find out that life, even for these small kids, isn’t easy. But we get to share with them the hope of Christ! And hope changes everything. One of my campers came into camp hesitant about trusting the people around her, she would lash out and disrespect counselors and those she interacted with. Little did we know that the people in her life had changed so much that it was hard for her to open up and be vulnerable with people she barely knew and who would be gone once the Saturday came around. Having this in mind, we were able to intentionally show her God’s love and reassure her that no matter what life threw at her or how many people came and went our God is never changing. He is a good father and in him there is no darkness at all!┬áHe is the same yesterday, today and forevermore and we can be sure that He will never leave us. And that regardless of our circumstances, we can have joy and we can treat people with respect and with love even when its hard. She left with a softer heart for others, knowing that even though loving others is hard, we are able to love because Christ first loved us.” – B Bucks, Girls Senior Counselor16Si06-05-2

“By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers” 1 John 3:16