An all time favorite day here at Timbers is Wednesday mornings aka GIRL DAY! We love this laid back day because we get to celebrate being women of the Lord as sisters in Christ together! One of our sweet senior counselors, Tweet P says, “Girl day is my favorite day of the week because it’s such a cool opportunity to speak identity into girls at camp and not to mention, we get sprinkles on our cinnamon rolls and we talk about flowers.”

Beginning the super fun day, we have a delicious brunch including cinnamon rolls, fruit and kolaches! Later, all of us girlies have a mini dance party to some classic girly songs. All of the girls get to sit down with their cabin and paint a bookmark. Using their own creativity, they put their favorite verses or quotes on it as a reminder of what they’ve learned at camp this summer.


Enjoying the company of their cabin, they also get to enjoy some yummy chocolate covered strawberries and some beautiful singing from one of our own girlies, Spirit! We love being women of The Lord and celebrating it well at Timbers!