It’s another phenomenal Tuesday here at Silverado and we’ve had so much fun! Our campers are beginning to experience all of the fun things that camp has to offer like swimming in the Oasis, going to the camp store, playing the games during theme night, or even just hanging out with their counselors. One of the cool things that’s starting to happen now is Cabin Competitions!

Cabin Competitions are fun challenges that cabins will have during the week to provide some friendly competition for the campers. Challenges vary from games of dodge ball to the biggest splash off the diving board to the craziest bed hair. During lunch, cabins get the chance to stand up and announce their competition to the entire camp. Then during free time, or whenever the competition takes places, the cabins get together to do their competition and have an awesome time with their cabin!

We love having cabin competition because it gives our campers the opportunity to bond as a cabin and to work as a team. We do this because we want them to experience what it is like to have Christ-like community so that they can learn to rely on their brothers and sisters in Christ!