Here at the Pine Cove Timbers, there is never a quiet Sunday! Sunday mornings are spent counting down the hours until our campers arrive for the best week of their lives. All of our staff comes together to, once again, prepare and pray for every kid that is soon to step on our camp grounds.

When the time is so close we can almost taste it, all of our staff gathers close to the entrance and says a final prayer for the week to come. Just minutes before we welcome in our week 7 campers, a huge “pump up circle” is formed with none other than our fearless leader and director, Philly, to get us PUMPED to welcome our campers!


Before we know it, campers are flooding in and the excitement only increases. Hundreds of cars pull through the Timbers entrance and counselors get more and more pumped by the minute. Jumping and cheering, welcoming parents and their campers is something the Timbers staff does best!

Silly string and sweat fills the East Texas air and everyone just simply cannot contain their excitement for week 7!! WEEK 7 GO HARD!!!