Day 3 of Week 6 has been a blast! This morning we were honored to welcome professional wake boarders, Shaun Murray and Emily Durham, to the Timbers. While we normally have a slower morning, relaxing and sleeping in before Guy/Girl Day, today we filed out to the Plateau field to watch a wake show! We cheered and awed as they tore up the lake, spinning and flipping on Lake Lackawanna. While Shaun and Emily were beyond impressive, the star of the show was definitely Emily’s daughter, Hope. As a five-year-old, Hope is already following in her mom’s footsteps and loves wake boarding!


After the show, Shaun and Emily joined us in Guy/Girl Day, each getting time to spend with the campers and speak about how the Lord has impacted their lives. It was phenomenal to experience the campers be inspired by two successful people who are using their platform to proclaim the name of Jesus!

After a little bit of lunch and some FOB time, it was time for Camper’s Choice. The campers were so excited and surprised to find out that Shaun and Emily were going to be teaching wake boarding at the wake park! Many of our campers tried wake boarding for the first time this afternoon, as Shaun and Emily patiently coached them from the dock. While many of them were afraid of falling, Shaun and Emily were so quick to encourage them and spur them towards facing their fears! One of the campers even got to ride Emily’s board and told me afterwards that she’s never been so excited about learning something new!


While their wake boarding skills are quite spectacular, it’s Shaun and Emily’s hearts for the Lord that really stand out. Emily took a pretty hard fall in the wake show today, and she confessed that it could have been really easy for her to get discouraged in that. However, she got back up and tried again. Later, she reminded us that we’re going to have falls in life, we’re going to fall on our face, and there will be times when we just want to give up. But just like the rope in the wake park always comes back around, God never leaves us in life. He always comes back around to us, to give us another chance.


Jesus is our lifeline, our salvation. Although we might fall at times, He doesn’t give up on us. We just have to choose to cling to him. Just as we encouraged the campers to grab onto the rope, to take a leap of faith in something new, we encourage you to grab onto Jesus.

As Shaun Murray says, “Get off the dock.”

Until next time,
But Wait, There’s Samoa
Head Media