Well, we have big news here at the Timbers! We have cheerfully added a brand new activity class into our program. This class is fun, entertaining, unexpected, and a blast! Along with the super fun games, we have some incredibly hilarious counselors leading the class in the right direction. I’m sure you are all on the edges of your chairs wondering what the name of this exciting activity class could possibly be!

“Do you want to have fun? Yeah we want to have fun! Do you want to take a trip? Yeah we want to take a trip! If you want to have fun and you want to take a trip, then come on down to FUN DIP! F-U-N DIP, F-U-N DIP, what’s in the box? You have to open it!”

That is the notorious cheer that is yelled throughout camp for our brand new activity class that, I’m sure you’ve picked up on the name by now, is called Fun Dip! This activity class is constantly a random surprise. Each day we have a pink and purple Fun Dip box that is enclosed with a different item that determines what will be played. That cheer must be yelled in order for the box to be opened and the unknown surprise to be revealed.15Ti06-05-331

I would love to share some of the awesomely random games that Fun Dip lets the kids participate in…
Sometimes the campers in Fun Dip will embark on a protest, hunt for a dragon, find hidden hostages, play fruit ninja, and be sour patch kids. I told you that it was random. This new activity is now one of the most popular activity classes that the Timbers has. Campers enjoy being silly and learning that being themselves is perfect because we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

And yes, we easily connect Fun Dip back to our Savior, Jesus Christ. I asked one of our counselors, who works the Fun Dip activity class, what the motto for the class is. She responded with, “Our goal is to find God in everything we do because God is simply everywhere we go. We want to be able to teach the campers that God isn’t only at normal camp activity classes, but at all of the random fun games that you could do at places other than camp.” This honestly wasn’t what I was expecting; I was expecting her to describe a biblical application for each individual game played. But her answer was beautifully spoken. It is not about God being found individually in certain things; instead, it’s about God being constant and full in every situation you could be in.

‘And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.’

-Matthew 28:20

This is inspiring: God is with us ALWAYS. Not only when you’re being a good person, not only when you’re happy, not only when you give to others, and not only when you’re at Pine Cove. God is constantly by your side, walking with you through life. Fun Dip hopes that this gives the campers the strength and obedience to pursue Him outside of camp because God isn’t only present here. With this activity class, we pray that the way the kids are feeling right now about their relationship with God isn’t just a camp high. We hope that it is a fire in their hearts that lasts a lifetime leading to an eternity with Jesus.

Until next time,

Hawaiian Munch
Media Content Creator