Today is our last full day of camp this week! Woah! Let’s jump right into our final devo for the week from our REMAIN study…

Throughout the booklet your camper received on Sunday night, we’ve walked almost verse by verse through the Upper Room Discourse as Jesus is giving his final words to his disciples. And now in chapter 17, he is moments away from being betrayed, captured, arrested wrongfully, and led to the cross to die. How does he use his final moments with them?

He prays.

Listening to someone pray gives us a glimpse into some of the deepest desires of

his or her heart.

  • Do you agree? Why or why not?

Today, I strongly encourage you to read through John 17 in its entirety. I think it’s incredibly important to experience the passion of Jesus as you read his heart for his disciples and followers.

And before you read, go into it with this mindset:

“We so often understand this prayer as though it were rather gloomy. It is not. It is uttered by One who has just affirmed that he has overcome the world, and it starts from this conviction. Jesus is looking forward to the cross, but in a mood of hope and joy, not one of despair.”

If you can make time right now, read John 17:1-26 in your Bible or Bible App.

Up to this point, John has done everything he could to emphasize that Jesus is the model (and pattern to be imitated) of what a relationship with God is designed to look like. And chapter 17 is the culmination of it all.

A quick breakdown of John 17 can be organized in this way:

  • Verses 1-5 are Jesus’ prayers for himself.
  • Verses 6-19 are Jesus’ prayers for his disciples.
  • Verses 20-24 are Jesus’ prayers for all believers.

I’m going to skip ahead here and talk about the end of this time of prayer.

We get to verse 20 and to wrap it all up, Jesus prays for “all those who will believe in him”. How amazing! How comforting! How loving!

If you believe in Jesus – can you believe that HE prayed for YOU?!

Have you ever stopped to consider that Jesus has prayed for you? Beyond that, have you ever reflected upon the fact that His current position in Heaven (Romans 8:34) means He continues to pray for you?

  • How should this affect your relationship with him today?

And in verses 25 and 26, we finally get to the triumphant conclusion to Jesus’ prayer and his time with his disciples. As he closes his time with them and is about to approach the cross, he’s full of faith and triumph. And that same Spirit is within us now – for all those who believe.

The message of the book of John is to believe.

The message of the Upper Room Discourse is to remain.

Believe and remain – until He returns or call us home…


Your camper is about to start Bible Study time with their cabin. Will you stop whatever you’re doing right now and spend a minute praying specifically for your camper, their Bible Study time, the counselor, and our day at the Shores?