Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s been an amazing week here and we’ve been having tons of fun! One of our, and our campers’, favorite parts of the day though, is Free Time!

Free Time is a great part of the day because of all the different things campers are able to do! First of all, they can get things from the Camp Store like some awesome Pine Cove t-shirts or maybe some Ice Cream to cool off in the heat! Campers are also able to go swim at the Oasis or play some intense games of dodgeball. Doesn’t that sound great?

Another great part about Free Time is that campers get to have hang times with their counselors! This is where each camper gets to have a one on one hangout time with their counselor to get know each other better! Campers have the opportunity during this time to ask their counselors any questions about their faith or the bible and counselors get to share the Gospel and get to pour love into the lives of their campers. And I’d say that that’s a pretty good reason to love free time!
Please Pray For:

  • Campers to be able to focus on the Gospel! Camp can be a great place to get away from distractions, but sometimes, things are still able to divert the campers attention away from learning about Jesus. Please be praying that our campers can keep their sights on God and can experience His love!16Si06-03-2