Hey Castle Rockers,

Our first day has been amazing! My name is Aaron Midkiff, or “One Hip Wonder”, and I am the Castle Rock Program Director. I love getting to see your kids run around and have fun.

This morning in Bible study, our counselors walked through the story of Noah. We wanted to talk about Noah on the first day because of his great faith. We defined faith as a confident trust in the eternal God.

Faith is a confident trust in the eternal God.

Noah was given a task that made him look crazy to all of his friends. I can’t imagine the doubt that was going through his mind. Not only was he asked to build an ark, he was also asked to uproot his family. Our memory verse for today is Hebrews 11:19, “Faith is the confidence in what we hope for.”

Throughout this week, we will be sharing with our Castle Rockers what faith, love, obedience, grace/mercy, and prayer are. I encourage you to ask your kids what they might have done in Noah’s situation and what it really means to have faith.

-One Hip, Castle Rock Program Director