Good afternoon parents! Your campers just left our Dining Hall, The Caverns, and are headed to the gym, Big Bend, for their last Bible study with Michelangelo! We’d like to share with you a summary of what they’ll be learning as they finish the book of Philippians.

In the last chapter of Philippians, Paul wraps up his letter by reminding us to rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. In every circumstance, we are to make our requests known to God through prayer and thanksgiving. We are to think about the example that Christ has set for us. And in all of this, we know that the God of peace will be with us.

In Philippians 4:19, Paul writes,

And my God will supply EVERY need of yours according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Everything we truly need is given to us in Jesus. In life, there will be trials, struggles, and people who will be against us. However, we can “stand firm” in Jesus because He doesn’t just give us strength, He IS our strength. This means we can rejoice always and stop worrying. God’s provision in His Son Jesus is enough for us yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Even the joy we need, He alone will provide, because true JOY is found in Him alone.

Parents, please pray that the campers would find everlasting JOY in Jesus Christ.

Have a great day!

-Ridge Team