Hey there everybody! Today we have a very special blog post for you!

So, one thing you might notice when you return home with your campers is how they may respond a bit…differently to certain keywords and you might think to yourself (self!), “Why is that?” Well, it’s because we have been singing and cheering all week together!!

Here at the Pine Cove Outback, we have a multitude of different cheers that can be triggered by specific words or phrases. For instance, whenever someone is on stage as says “Okay”, everyone stands up and shouts “Okay, Okay… Okay, Okay, Okay… Okay, Okay… Okay, Okay, Okay… OHHHHH, KAAAAAAYY.” We have found that these cheers help to strengthen the sense of community at camp and are really fun to call out in general! To give you the inside scoop and the chance to decode the chaos have some camp fun at home, we decided to share some of our more popular cheers with you!

  • Whenever someone on stage says “Alright”, everyone says, “I’m alright, don’t you worry about me, AH-OH!”
  • When the speaker says, “I’ll tell you what…” everyone says, “I’ll tell YOU what!”
  • Whenever someone says, “Today” (as the first word of a sentence only) or a time like “At 6:45”, we all respond by saying, “That’s today!” or “That’s at 6:45!”
  • We do lots of counting here down under so anytime someone says a number from stage, for example we’ll use 3, the response is, “3, Let’s count’em! 1,2,3, oosh ooo ah, boogly boogly boogley ah-oh (clap), ah-oh (clap), ah-oh (clap), ah-oh (clap)!”
  • Before giving instructions to campers a often used phrase is, “here’s what we are going to do!” Simply responding by saying, That’s what we are going to do!”
  • Many of your children have meds (medicine) that they need to take and we remind them to take them every morning, lunch, and night by saying, “And don’t forget you morning/lunch/dinner/night time… M-E-D-S, M-E-D-S, M-E-D-S, give me my meds!”
  • Throughout lunch we sing many cheers together starting with when the speaker says, “Lunch” we say, “Lunch! Don’t give me no bread, no bread, don’t give me no meat no meat, just give me that beat, what beat, that Jesus beat, the Jesus beat. Huh!” We make our own beat by hitting our hands on the table and clapping along to the cheer.
  • After we have washed, sanitized, and prayed for the food the speaker says, “Take a seat.” as we reply back, “Take a seat (clap), take a seat (clap), take a load off your feet (clap, clap). Take a seat (OH!), take a seat (OH!), take a load off your feet (OUTBACK!)”  before we all sit down.
  • Your campers clean their cabins every morning which we call Pit and Palace and announce some of the highest scores between the girls and guys cabins at lunch. Before handing over The Golden Dunny, our award for the cleanest cabin that day, we all respond, “Ahhhhh Pit and Palace, Pit, Pit, and Palace. Piiiiiiiiit and Paaaaal-ace. Pit, Pit and Palace!”
  • A very popular cheer used daily and especially after the winner of Pit and Palace is our Good Job cheer, where we respond: “G double O,D, J-O-B, Good Job, Goood Job (clap, clap)” two times! We also spell out the letters with our arms as we cheer along, which definitely gets some taking used to!

There you have it, your very own inside scoop on Outback cheers! Now this is just enough to get you started, so be sure to ask your campers what their favorite cheers were this Saturday once you get home!