Camp is a super fun and crazy place! We do lots of really fun things here that don’t happen outside of camp. One of those things is that we do TONS of cheers!

One of our favorite types of cheers to do are response cheers. This is when the audience replies with a phrase after the person says a buzz word on stage!

For example, if someone says a number, like “Hold up one hand,” everyone will respond by saying “ONE? Let’s count em! ONE, oosh ooo ah, boogly boogly boogly ah oh ah oh ah oh!”

Or if someone says “alright”, everyone will respond with “I’m alright, don’t you worry ’bout me! Huh!”

Another type of cheers that we have are cabin cheers! Every morning, each cabin comes up with a cheer that they do all morning. Whoever is the loudest all morning and has the most spirit wins the spirit stick for the day!

We love doing cheers here because it’s a great way to have tons of fun here at camp. It makes camp special and allows for our campers to better understand the joy that we have in our hearts! One of our main hopes is that campers will see that our joy is from the Lord and will desire to have that joy!16Si04-02-1-2