Howdy, ‘Rado parents! Today we had tons of fun doing some indoor activities due to our rainy day. One of our favorite indoor activities that we get to do each day is Club! The kids run in and have a great time jumping, dancing, and singing with their cabins. On some days, our worship leader “Rhymes New Roman” or “Romes” leads worship with his guitar. Romes agrees that one of the coolest parts of Club is watching how our young campers like to worship Jesus!

As we sat down with Romes to ask him more questions about Club, he told us that his favorite part about leading worship for 2nd through 5th graders is seeing how eager they are to celebrate such a big God! It seems like such simple concept, to worship Christ for how BIG He is, but it’s an awesome reminder seeing it through these campers’ child-like faith!

We love seeing campers follow their counselors during Club when dancing and worshiping. After, kids hear a message each night from one of our full time staff or college leadership. We encourage you, parents, to ask your camper about all the fun they had during Club. Also ask them about what they’ve learned during worship, and what they’ve learned about our King!

Hope y’all are doing well, and we can’t wait to share more about all that the Father is doing in our lives this week!