Here at Outback we hangout, do activity classes, and talk about God throughout our days but there is one time in particular we get to talk about God in a different way. At some point in the evening, either before or after our theme night activities, campers get to participate in something called Club. Club is a time set aside for campers to be with their cabins and praise God through singing worship songs and listening to truth from God’s word.

Every night campers arrive eager for Club time. Club is held in a variety of places around camp including the Corraborree, on the lake Shalom dock, at the barn swing and in the Boomerang. Our worship band consists of two guitar players, two singers, and a drummer. The band practices every night an hour before club starts and meets together to dig into the word together and have a morning devotional together. The rest of the day they are serving at activity classes and during meals!

Club consists of a couple of songs and a devotional led by different members of our leadership and resident staff members throughout the week. Some of the favorite songs include Wake, Jesus is Better, Good Good Father, and many more. Our closing day ceremony will consist of some of these fun songs, so get excited families! Songs can be done acoustically or with the whole band together, so each camper can potentially have a different Club experience!


Tonight campers met at the Corraborree after a Hoedown Showdown to worship together and talk about how our purpose has been redeemed and restored through Jesus’s sacrifice for us on the cross! After this sweet time, we continued the night with snacks, dancing and even more dancing. Wednesdays here at the Outback are great for cutting Footloose in and out of Club!

Please Pray with us.

  1. Pray that campers would rejoice in the Lord through songs of worship.
  2. Pray for continued learning for all staff and campers as we reach the middle of the week.
  3. Pray for different forms of praise and worship to work within campers’ hearts and glorify the Lord.