Behind Our Kitchen Doors

Jul 22, 2015 | Camp:

Hello Parents! Week 8 is going so well!

Do you ever wonder who cooks for 530 kids, counselors and staffers here at the Towers camp? Today, I talked with one of the women behind it all.

Mrs. Betty serves as our afternoon cook and is in charge of preparing meals for your kids. She said, “I don’t come here to work, but I come to serve the Lord everyday. I love my job.” It was special to be able to sit down with Mrs. Betty and hear a little about her story and how the Lord is using her behind our kitchen doors.

Tell us a little about yourself.

“My husband served in the Air Force band, so we traveled all over. He played in places all over like Europe, Japan and Korea. My son was born in Germany and we went to the Philippines and adopted my daughter there. I remember getting to walk through the mountains of Zurich, Switzerland. After he served for several years, we ended up settling down here in the states, but those were good memories.”

How did you hear about Pine Cove?

“I was working with Brookshire’s at the time and raising my two kids. There was a job fair at the Rose Gardens and Pine Cove needed a cook, so I applied. I ended up talking with Darrell Holland and got the job.”

How long have you been cooking for Pine Cove?

“It’s been 8 years total and I love it. I’ve worked a little bit of everywhere. Mrs. Peggy was my mentor at the Woods while I worked there. After that, I moved to the Bluffs family camp and worked there for 2 years. I also spent around 3 years at the Timbers. I moved around a little bit more and eventually ended up here at the Towers!”

Do you have a camp name?

“Yes, it’s, Light of My Life. While I was on stage, I kept talking about my grandkids and how much they mean to me, so that’s kind of where my name came from.”

What’s your favorite meal to cook here?

“I love cooking our Monday night meal – it’s also one of the kids’ favorite that we’ve been cooking for years: chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls and pazookies.”

What do you enjoy most about working here?

“Serving my Lord and Savior. That’s what gets me up and why I love coming to work everyday. I also love the relationships I build with staff who come back every summer. It’s fun when they run into the kitchen saying, ‘Hey, Mrs. Betty!’ There are some great staffers. Also, all the cooks get together on Wednesday afternoon and Randy Collins leads us in a Bible Study. Its so good to get together and learn from God’s Word with them.”

Do you have any funny memories?

“It’s always an adventure to train new cooks and its funny to see the crazy things they do.”

If you could tell the campers’ parents one thing what would it be?

“Continue to send your kids to Pine Cove because it’s the perfect place to get away. The outreach is incredible and there are a lot of activities where the Gospel is intentionally integrated so kids’ lives can be impacted.”

Even though cooking for 530 people, 3 times a day, 6 days a week can be crazy, Mrs. Betty and all the other cooks do a phenomenal job. They take care of our kids at day camp as well as cook great meals for campers staying here overnight. Almost all of the baking, stirring, mixing, cutting and cooking is done when no one sees, but we appreciate our cooks so much and all the work they do to make meals tasty, healthy and filling! They take good care of everyone here.

So here’s to all the people at Pine Cove, especially Mrs. Betty, who work hard behind our kitchen doors. We appreciate you!

Until next time,

Katie “Wide-Eyed”
Head Media

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