On Wednesdays we get the opportunity to talk about James 2:14-19 and how our relationship with God should consist of more than just an acknowledgement of Him. It would be pointless to recognize another person’s physical need, address it, and then do nothing about it. In the same way, we have  spiritual need that is not met by the mere acknowledgment of God. He has designed for us to have a relationship with him. The theme of this week is “Follow Me”. A relationship with God is more than just believing in him; it is following him and living in fellowship with him. 

Matthew 7:13-14 talks about the narrow road of life that only a few find. This passage connects to the passage in James so well because it shows that neither our simple belief in God, nor the many “good” works we do is enough for God. Nothing we could ever do will ever be good enough for him, but the cool part is that he loves us and wants us anyways. This shows that our broad view of him narrows when we take that step of faith to seek that relationship with God. We might get knocked down, hurt, or pulled into things that are not good for us, but God is so merciful and gracious that he’s going to be right beside us through it all, as followers of Christ, ready to pick us back up and continually guide us. 

Going through the narrow path of life is very hard to do alone, this is why God has modeled community for us. We don’t have to fight temptation and sin alone. God has placed people in our lives and provided for us the things we need to be able to experience this. That is through community. We are to have each other’s backs by praying for each other, keeping each other accountable, encouraging and pushing one another, and continually learning how to lead others while being a follower, not just a believer.