WOW, what a crazy week this has been! Our Amplify campers are really coming together, forging new friendships, and learning what it means to live life in community with one another.


On Monday, our A-Fly guys and girls had the opportunity to go to a local, indoor waterpark here in Tyler. And to say they had a blast doesn’t even sum it up! They loved getting to ride the slides, play in the water, or maybe even just take a nice little float in the lazy river. It was fun to see them continue to deepen their relationships in a setting outside of camp!

Today, our campers had a blast with our Amplify program director, Beats, competing in our very own Timbers Game Show. We laughed our heads off as counselors and campers alike braved some funny, yet gross, games. From random dancing to Story Time with Buckets to What’s That Food?, it was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.


On a more serious note, the campers did an exercise¬†this morning called Walk the Line. We had the campers line up in front of two lines and would prompt them with situations they might have faced, such as “Walk the line if you’re parents are divorced” or “Walk the line if you have ever felt alone.” When the campers would cross the line, they would turn around to their peers. In return, their peers would nonverbally encourage them, simply by giving them the hand gesture for “I love you.” It was a pretty somber and serious time, but it was so encouraging to see the campers step up, be vulnerable, and love on one another despite the circumstance.

During our Campers Share time tonight, a lot of the campers spoke about this exercise, saying that it taught them that they didn’t have to walk through life’s hardships alone. It was a time for the cabins to continue to build those deep, Christ-centered relationships, as well as encouraging them to support one another. They were reminded that they have a community here that loves them deeply, but most importantly, of God’s never-ending love and support.

Please continue to pray for these campers, as they continue to seek the Lord this week in preparation for their return home!