Merry Christmas in July from the Ranch! 

This week Christmas cheer was in abundance around the Ranch! Our skit throughout the week was Christmas based and on Friday some of our activity classes changed their chants to fit the Christmas spirit. Christmas vests, t-shirts and  flash mobs galore.. oh, flash mob? Yeah we had one of those at our Friday lunch that was put on by our spirited program staff dancing to All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey… need I say more?

But the fun and Christmas joy doesn’t end there… the night took quite the turn for fun this evening. Rather than just going to sleep after camper share, we surprised the campers! Each cabin was happily surprised and greeted by one program staffer, who possessed their golden tickets (yes, of course, we had real golden tickets) to gain them access into “The Polar Express” (aka the Ponderosa). It was our Conductors (aka Senior Counselors) that held the power of punching each campers ticket, granting them entrance to this special event.



THESE CAMPERS WERE STOKED. Laughter filled the cabins as campers shuffled about to gather their pillows and blankets to head out to the Ponderosa for a movie night! Joy was completely radiant across the camp and their faces were glowing with happiness.

The night began with none other than our very own Jiggs Robert Gaffney opening up Christmas presents. Santa made a special guest appearance to this very special event and brought along some new softball shoes and Lebron James shirt! Jiggs most certainly had a good Christmas in July this year – just ask him about it.



As campers piled in to gather with their cabin for the movie night, popcorn was distributed to each camper and shortly after, the movie was started. Campers snuggled up with their blankets and pillows, taking in their last night with their cabin and now, new friends.


The night gets better though…

Just when you thought that was it – IT’S NOT. Remember the scene from Polar Express when the kids are on the train and hot cocoa and FUN comes bursting through the doors? Yeah we here at the Ranch, we do our best to imitate such things… and that is exactly what we did. As the scene was occurring on screen, our chaos, work crew and program staff came bursting through the kitchen doors on carts bearing trays of hot chocolate for the kids!

Our campers had quite the ending to their incredible week at camp! Indulging in hot cocoa, fellowship and popcorn…what better way to end a week of creating new friendships and learning more about the Creator of the Universe? Jesus sure has been sweet to us all here at the Ranch! And a special thanks to our chaos crew working so hard to make this night so memorable for all our awesome campers! We love our campers and we hope they have had the best Christmas in July they’ve ever had!


Always remember, Buddy the Elf said it best… The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! 

Happy Christmas in July!

– Khakis 

Ranch Media Team