After campers have had their first set of activity classes in the morning, they are a bit hungry and tired! Here at the Rado, lunch is at 11:45. Campers come from their activity classes and meet up with their counselors before heading in to enjoy the midday meal. There are a few fun things that happen at lunch such as cheers, a skit, and birthday raps for anybody that has a birthday that day! Following lunch, campers head to a little FOB at their cabin, where they take a nap, write letters, and have a snack. After this, campers meet up at corral and are ready to go to their second set of activity classes.


Free time is the last activity before dinner. This is a great time for campers and counselors to have one-on-one hang times, where counselors spend time sharing truth with their camper and answering any questions they have. Campers are allowed to swim, buy snacks at the camp store, and play dodge ball, gaga ball and tether ball. Free time is a fun way to end the afternoon before we head to dinner!