Well we’ve had a pretty fun week here at the rad-o! We’ve had some awesome activity classes, theme nights, and tons of fun at free time! But one of our favorite parts of the week is our bible study that each cabin has every morning!

This year, our bible study is titled “The Great Adventure” and talks about the journey we go on as christians. It starts off by explaining how we’re all sinners and broken people and can never achieve salvation on our own. It then goes into the story of Jesus: how He died on the cross for us, defeated sin, and rose from the dead, and how we now have the opportunity to receive eternal life through Him! Next, the campers learn about how we get to lean on God and fight for Him now that we’ve received salvation! Finally, it talks about how our destination is eternity with God in heaven!

Our staff’s heartbeat this summer is to proclaim this story to everyone we encounter and we’ve gotten to share it with our campers this week! Some campers have made the decision to follow Jesus for the first time ever this week and we’re PUMPED about that! We’ve loved getting to share our hearts and this story with our campers this week and we’ll continue to be praying for them throughout summer and year!

Please pray for:

  • Campers who are still processing the gospel! They’ve had a lot of exposure to it this week and we would really appreciate prayers for campers to be accepting it joyfully!
  • Campers who have accepted the gospel! They’ve made life changing decisions and we would also love prayers for them as they start their walk with the Lord!