Throughout their day, campers here at the Shores do all kinds of fun stuff! A large portion of the day is taken up by activity classes. Activity classes are what we call all of our fun, exciting, and crazy activities that are offered at camp, ranging from the Superman Swing way up in the ropes forest, all the way down to the Bike Jump at the end of the dock.

In the morning, campers go to assigned activity classes with their cabin. This is a great time for the cabin as a whole to hang out, have fun, and get to know each other. But what if a camper wanted to go to an activity class that they aren’t assigned to?! Never fear, after lunch we have a time called Camper’s Choice, when campers get to decide which activity class they want to participate in.


Activity Classes are a fantastic way to engage campers, and an awesome opportunity for cabins to grow closer together. The different variety of challenges not only pull them closer to their fellow cabin-mates, but ultimately the Lord. Each Activity Class begins and ends with a prayer. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is always at the center of attention here at Pine Cove, even when we’re having a blast with our friends!