What a beautiful and sun-shiny day it is here at camp!

A quick update from yesterday: Happy Holi-daze was an absolute BLAST and we had an awesome time exploring and getting to know Silverado with our cabins!

This morning we all raised the flag together before our delicious breakfast, and then went to our first round of Activity Classes! Some swam in the pool (or Oasis), some shot BB-guns, and others played dodge ball, rode a horse, or even walked down the runway! The best part? We loved being together as a cabin through it all.

As lunch came and went, campers sat down for Bible Study and quiet time, or as we call it here at Pine Cove, FOB. This summer, our Bible Study is over Elijah! Today’s lesson is about how Elijah trusted the Lord so much and was so faithful to Him that he did not fear when God asked Elijah to go before Ahab, the king.

This blessed Monday, we thank God that He is bigger and better than anything in our lives. We ask that He would teach us to be bold and to recognize His direction for us!