Here at the Timbers, we have been blessed with a great group of Christian musicians who have all come together for a single purpose. The purpose for every staff member this summer is to share the Gospel. For the worship team, this purpose is played out differently, because they have the opportunity to connect the campers to God through music. One of our band members, Say That, sat down with us today and we had the pleasure of asking him a few questions about who he is and his experience at the Timbers so far!Say That1

Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what school you go to.

“My name is Kevin ‘I Was Afraid You Were Going to Say That’ McCreight. I am from Richardson, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas, and I go to Texas A&M University.”

So tell us exactly what you do in the Timbers band and what instruments you play.

“So I play guitar, and I sing. And it’s a lot of fun. But a lot of my job is off stage. The band does a lot of work crew, which is setting up for meals, or projects just working around camp. Sometimes we run different activity classes. And all of that is great too.”

How long have you  been playing instruments and how did you get started playing?

“I have been playing instruments for about nine years. My first musical experience was in 5th grade with the saxophone. I played the alto saxophone in the school band. I started playing the guitar in 6th grade.”

How is it working with other Christian musicians?

“It’s so fun! The biggest thing about working with other Christian musicians is, just like working with other Christians in general, you just learn grace. You learn like ‘hey we messed up that song. Maybe it was my fault, maybe it was someone else, but that’s okay.’ There is grace for that. That’s awesome, and the flexibility of understanding that we are all here for the same purpose. Also, it’s been great being put under a leader that I can respect and seeing him lead as an example in that way.”

What is your favorite part about being a part of the worship team?

“I think my favorite part is just hanging out with the band. It’s so fun. There is just a camaraderie there. There is one female is the band, Bowsie, and she is so fun. She brings this cool, different energy. We’re all guys, just making guy jokes, and she comes in and changes the dynamic. It’s awesome.”

What does the band do to prepare for club and how much do you guys practice?

“So our practice times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 11:40am. As soon as the campers go to bible study, we go and we start to practice and we usually practice for about an hour to about an hour and a half where Banks, the worship leader, tells us what songs we’re playing. We usually run through songs for a later day in the week. Then whenever it’s time to play for club, we get there about thirty minutes early, do a sound check, run through a song, and then we just play.”

What is your favorite song to play at club and why?

“‘In Tenderness’ by Citizens and Saints. That song is so fun just because the words are really rich, but the crowd gets so into it. I love watching the campers worship! Whenever we get to a specific part of the chorus, they all get down and jump up. It’s the coolest thing ever. I like ‘Happy Day’ for the same reason. There is a lot of interaction with the band and with the crowd. For the slower songs, I love ‘Forever’ just because it just tells the story of the resurrection which is the point in time where our hope came alive. Yeah, we usually talk about the crucifixion, and that’s awesome and that sacrifice was so great. But the reason we have hope is because of the resurrection and so I love singing that song.”

What do you think God is teaching you through being in the worship band?

“God’s definitely teaching me how to be a servant. I was part of a service group in high school, but it’s been different in college because I’ve been a part of leadership. So it’s really taught me what it means to be a servant. They really didn’t describe fully what the band did when we first got hired, and it’s a huge service role. Whether we’re in the kitchen cleaning dishes or serving and getting plates out to the campers to eat, we are constantly serving camp in a unique way. And honestly, that’s the best part. It’s been great, and that’s been the biggest thing I’ve learned from it.”

Even though he serves in a rather behind-the-scenes way, Say That, along with the rest of the band, bless camp with incredible music, in order for the campers to connect with God in a different way! We are so thankful for the Lord bringing each member of the band to the Timbers and their beautiful, servant hearts!

Until next time,
Hawaiian Munch
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