It has been a great Week 10! Campers have been busy with so many activities; Club, meal times, and Bible studies. Through it all, campers have been having a blast and learning so much!

The most important thing that happens at camp is that campers grow in their knowledge of the Lord and His goodness! Each morning, campers go through a Bible study with their cabin called “The Great Adventure”! Together, cabins talk about our journey as Christians. Campers learn more about our need for a Savior because of our sin, Jesus dying for us, and how we can have a relationship with Him. 16Si10-06-1

It has been such a blessing having so many amazing campers this week and being able to share the Gospel with them. As they head home soon we pray that they would continue to apply what they’ve learned here to their daily lives and that you are encouraged to ask them about their experience and to continue challenging them to grow in their faith.