The most inspirational thing at camp has to be seeing the campers’ realization that sometimes it’s not about us. It’s not always about what we need, but about the needs and concerns of others; especially those of our cabin-mates. Sometimes we think, yes, there’s no “I” in team, but there is “me.” So easily we forget and neglect to see the people around us. We get so focused on our selfish desires, we forget to remember what the Lord has called us to do. Jesus said that first and foremost, you should love the Lord your God. But also most importantly, we should love our neighbors as ourselves.

As counselors and staff members, we are most definitely here to serve your children. The Lord has ignited our hearts for service this summer, and we could not be more ecstatic about it! Yet, seeing these kiddos respond to that, and start applying it to own their lives as well… It’s a great fuel to keep us going and remember the selflessness of our King. We love seeing the moments when new campers make new friends in their cabins. They learn to share, and play with each other! They also learn about serving one another with love. This is an awesome lesson that we hope they take home with them. This is the incredible example from Our Creator. That we are to humble ourselves and put the needs of our peers before our own. Love your neighbor as yourself. If only we had that childlike faith and initiative. Your children, your campers, OUR campers; the beloved children of God. They inspire, don’t they?

Father God, I pray today that you would take the “me” and the “I” out of team. That You would remind us of our selfish ways, and help us to look up. What would Jesus do? It’s the simplest of phrases, and yet it so easily slips from our minds. I pray that today You would write upon our hearts a desire and an overwhelming enthusiasm to serve our brothers and sisters with joyful obedience. I thank You for this week of camp, and the awesome example that Your precious campers are setting. May the blessings, honor, glory, and power forever be to You, our God.